On July 2nd, my friend Carol was murdered in her home in this sleepy little town, circumstances are still being kept under wraps.  It was a huge loss to this community.  She was a mother, an artist, a therapist, and an activist among many other things

I just came from the memorial service.  Many people spoke about how Carol had touched their lives.  She was one of those people that when you met, you never forgot.  One of my previous students came up and said that she was someone who when you met her, or spent time with her, or saw her from across the room, you just thought “Wow” and that wherever she has passed on to, those souls are saying the same thing.

I had this interesting relationship with Carol where although she wasn’t someone I saw often, when I would it always left a warm place in my heart.  She was like an angel in many respects.  I often saw her when craziness was taking over or there was some thorny experience in my life.  I didn’t always talk to her about what was happening but something would always come out of her mouth that would be relevant to the situation and I would leave lighter.  She taught me how to further my own passion, compassion, and love for all life – both in her life and in her death.

As I drove to the service (and this is going to sound a little nutty), my back made this audible pop and the pain is gone.  Finally gone.  I don’t know why it was then and not some other time.  I won’t ask questions but only give thanks to all of the souls up there who look out for us regularly.