A few weeks ago, Mina and I went to Powell’s in downtown Los Gatos.  Powell’s is her favorite candy store – they have a huge selection of candy that dates waaay back to the days when there were covered wagons and no electricity.  You know, back when I was a kid.

Along with all kinds of bizarre things such as bacon flavored toothpicks, we found these things called Larvets – cheddar cheese covered larvae.  Yum!

On the back of the package, it says:

Larvets – the original worm snack

The Top Five Reasons to Enjoy LARVETS:

5)  You’ll give people something new to say about California besides that it’s the state of fruits and nuts
4)  Your entomologist friends will think you’ve learned how to cool
3)  “Taste’s like chicken” will have new meaning
2)  You don’t have to drink a while bottle of mescal to get to the worm!
1) BBQ Cheddar Cheese & Mexican Spice LARVETS make great party food!

So you just wait till I have another party – then you’ll get to taste the joy!