this packing is out of control!!!  where did i get all this stuff?  i’m trying desperately to get rid of a lot but it’s coming down to the wire…  i might just end up having to purge on the other end.

there was a lot accomplished today and i think when we load up the truck tomorrow with all that has been packed, i will begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  it was a crazy day today though…  so much stuff to do, giving directions to my various helpers which sure is a challenge when you barely know what end is up.

i’ve got amazing help, including this man who i dated briefly last year.  he is a powerhouse and just goes and goes and goes, quite like the energizer bunny.  the difficulty is that he talks and talks and talks just as much as he goes and goes and goes.  and it’s story after story of acid trips.  and if it’s not acid trips, it’s conspiracy theory.  and his mother wonders why it didn’t work.  i let out a sigh tonight when he finally left – i thought i would surely perish if i heard another epic tale of tripping.  ugh.  but you sure can’t look a gift horse in the mouth, now can you?

surely i’ll dream of spaceships and big horned sheep entering my body tonight…