I’m here. Arrived last Wednesday and it’s been a whirlwind ever since. Last night I finally laid down on my bed to check email – 85 unread emails. Whew.

Things are finally getting a little settled. Dishes are unpacked (although that is about it!) and I’m finding my way around the neighborhood. Within a two block radius, there’s Dim Sum, about 4 great Thai restaurants (one that’s open till 3 am!), and countless Indian/Pakistani (one that’s open 24 hours!) and one of my favorite restaurants of all time – Millennium. Ah… And there’s lots of yelling on the streets and sirens and traffic noises. All of which I’m not used to at all, nor is my darling woolly mammoth.

The dear dog would not pee on the leash or the street for days. Well, she still won’t but we found a little spot to let her off the leash so that’s been settled. She’s spent her whole life in rural Arizona, rarely having to be on a leash and running free. I think she misses her dog friends and her wild life. But she’s adjusting.

So it’s all going and I’m excited to be here. I’ve met great people and am looking forward to what this new sequel has to offer. Here are a few pics that my friend took while he was here:

Loft view:

After so many days of packing and driving:

Looking downtown from the fire escape: