It finally hit me last night. All that has gone on in the last several weeks. All the travel. All the transition. All the packing, and lifting, and organizing. All the disorganization. Readjusting to life in the city. The volume. The smells. The chaos. Returning to school. Studying. Buses. Bart. Taxis.

After a beautiful walk (where I had a great discussion with a street artist) I came home to an empty apartment last night. Something I normally don’t mind but last night it didn’t bode well. Ok, not quite empty as the woolly mammoth was full of squeals and wiggles. But I realized how I am starving for some connection. Starving. One of those evening of laughter and intense conversation. I think I sometimes take for granted that I usually have that at my fingertips. But not right now. West Coast best friend hiking the AT until October. Daughter in Galapagos. SIL in Hawaii. Other good friend in MA. Ugh.

So I made myself get out of bed this morning (after reading vampire novels until almost 4!), walked the dog, got dim sum, bought flowers for my empty vase, and drank a big cup of green tea while taking inventory of my current blessings. The fog is just starting to burn off and allow the sun to flow in my window. I’m breathing deeply and taking it all in. The change and transition is all good and I’m excited to see what’s next.