I am: restless
I think: way too much
I know: that I know nothing
I want: a peaceful life
I have: an amazing daughter
I wish: upon a thousand shooting stars
I hate: to hate
I miss: those that are far away
I fear: being stagnant
I hear: un-edited streams in my head
I wonder: about my destiny
I regret: nothing
I love: movies about superheros
I ache: to find my niche
I care: often to my detriment
I always: feel compassion
I am not: what I often appear
I dance: not often enough
I sing: as much as possible
I cry: at dog food commercials
I do not always: fight fair
I fight: with passion
I write: the confusion in my head
I win: at procrastination
I lose: my sunglasses every day
I confuse: myself with my thoughts
I listen: to the coyotes nightly
I can usually be found: hiding under my rock
I need: lots of love
I am happy about: the state of my life
I should: be packing my house